Frequently Asked Questions

Online Store

Can I purchase jewellery and send them to someone as a gift?

You most definitely can. Simply enter the recipients name into the appropriate fields, you can also leave a message here in the message box. We’ll do the rest!

How does my parcel arrive

We pride ourselves in ensuring that your package arrives safely and securely to your nominated address. Each piece of jewellery purchased on will arrive in our beautiful custom-made packaging, complete with a bow!

What paperwork is included when sending goods to a gift recipient

A packing slip is included, a gift card message (if applicable) and any other related documentation. However, no prices will be visible on any of the paperwork

How do I know the status of my order

Once you have placed an online order we will send you a confirmation. Thereafter your product will be packaged and sent out via our nominated delivery companies. We will email you a tracking number where you can track your parcel online. Please refer to our Delivery information page for details on our delivery process.

e-Gift Cards

Where can I purchase a Pearly By Eva e-Gift Card

Pearls by Eva e-Gift Card can be purchased directly on our website,

How does the e-Gift Card work?

Simply purchase an e-Gift Card online, enter the relevant details, and this e-Gift Card will be sent via email to the recipient. Inside the email will contain instructions on how to redeem, alongside a gift card number and PIN

Can I purchase an e-Gift Card for someone else if I live internationally?

You may purchase an e-Gift Card from anywhere in the world. Please note that international shipping charges apply to countries outside of New Zealand and Australia. Please check these rates on our Delivery page before you purchase a e-Gift Card.

I’ve ordered a gift card online but I haven’t received it?

Please check your junk and spam inboxes first. If you are still having trouble finding it, let us know! You can email us on

Your Jewellery

How come my pearls look ímperfect’?

Pearls are the jewels of nature. At Pearls by Eva the majority of our products have çircle shaped pearls on them. This does not mean they are perfectly circular or round in shape; this is a classification system for the shape of pearls. On this note, we are happy to inform you that pictures you see on our website are the actual product, not a photo-shopped one. In this way, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly what you are buying.

What hallmarks does use?

The carat/metal marking on your jewellery will indicate the metal you have purchased from us. 925 means sterling silver. 375 is 9ct Gold and 750 is 18ct Gold. These are the metals that Pearls by Eva uses.

All our silver jewellery is rhodium plated to maintain its shine. Please note that over time rhodium may diminish in its lustre. Please refer to our jewellery care page on how to best protect your jewellery.

How do I care for my pearls?

Please refer to our pearl care and education page for instructions and tips on caring for your jewellery